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❀ Basic
Name: May
Age: 13
Class: Pokemon Trainer/Researcher
Hometown: Littleroot Town, Hoenn
Family: Professor Birch (Father)
Canon: Pokémon Emerald (after player's league victory, but her pokemon is not taken from canon.)

History: May is the oldest child of Professor Birch, she's always wanted to be a help for her father and to overcome her shyness. It was when there's a new neighbor who comes to their little town that May finally found the boy who had ended up being her role model. Brendan was his name.
She started off as a better trainer for she's done it longer, but turned out Brendan was the one who excelled. It's not that May gave up though, she just grew a liking towards the way Brendan battles and told her lots of things she's never seen before. Jealous, yet amazed. She decided to support Brendan from behind and continued to help her father.

Personality: She gave out the standard impression of a girl-next-door, sweet, shy and caring. There's not much else to dig out, but May is quite determined, even if she's fragile, especially towards Ghosts. Despite her sweet personality, she's completely straightforward and blunt, she never realizes her words may have hurt someone and always become the most oblivious around.
May's quite skillful as a trainer, though she doesn't show it much because she prefers to be friends with Pokemon even though her tendency to fangirl around them always scare the pokemon away.
Thanks to Brendan, sh has overcame her shyness and talked to people more than she used to. But at the same time, May admires Brendan very much to the point she almost seems to worship him. Believing he is the best in everything and became one of his number one fan. It's unclear if she actually has real feeling for him, but she always tries her best to be a help for him and might be seem.. a little over the top.

❀ Permission
Threadjack: I'm fine when it's appropriate, though it's much appreciated when I'm told beforehand.
Backtag: It's understandable.
Hurt/Maim/Murder: I don't know why you would hurt May but it's okay. Though please don't kill her unless we've talked about it before.
Hug/Kiss: Suuuure
Anything should not be mentioned around him/her: Nothing really.
Anything else?: IDK

❀ Pokemon
Level: 35
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Serious
Movepool: Cut | Quick Attack | Ember | Peck

Level: 33
Gender: Female
Ability: Effect Spore
Nature: Docile
Movepool: Mach Punch | Stun Spore | Leech Seed | Counter

Level: 32
Gender: Female
Ability: Water Veil
Nature: Impish
Movepool: Astonish | Whirlpool | Water Pulse | Secret Power
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